For the AAEC:
Our vision for the organization is that it becomes the leading association for in-house lawyers related to Central America and as such, that it provides a voice and platform for this community at the local and international level.

For the legal community in Central America:
Through the future work, collaboration, and knowledge sharing of our members, it is our vision that the Central American legal community become even more organized, regionally integrated and standardized.

For Central America and its people:
Ultimately, everything that AAEC hopes to achieve is driven by our purpose to empower in-house lawyers to create better corporate citizens and better societies. We envision a world where our communities are continually benefited by the presence of its corporate citizens through the careful guidance of our legal community.



We have the vision, you have the power!

We have a vision of what we want this organization to be but we need your help to make it a reality. We are in the initial stages of setting up the AAEC and are actively seeking the involvement of in-house lawyers to help inform the structure and future of the organization. Your involvement is incredibly important to the success of this project and we appreciate any and all input.

If you are a lawyer that is currently employed on a full-time basis by a private or public company or institution, with a valid license to practice and with professional responsibilities including the Central American region and you want to be a part of AAEC, please sign up here.

If you’d like to  provide comments or suggestions, please visit our contact page or send an e-mail to info@aaec.org.