Benefits of Membership


  1. Eligibility to assist the AAEC Member Assemblies, during which you will be able to vote on all new proposals that concern the association.
  2. Ability to apply for leadership positions within AAEC such as country representative or committee lead.
  3. Ability to participate in local chapters, commissions or equivalent bodies of the association.
  4. You will benefit from AAEC’s strategic partnerships with similar associations worldwide (for example: continuing education opportunities, international networking and access to exclusive events and discounts).
  5. In the future you can receive access to any technological platforms where you can connect with other members and seek advice regarding issues in your daily work or other professional concerns in a private environment.
  6. Access to exclusive industry-related content and news.
  7. The opportunity to belong to a community of like-minded individuals with special access to AAEC luncheons and other social events.