“With great power comes great responsibility.”  – French National Convention, 1793

The AAEC was conceived on the belief that in-house lawyers have the power and responsibility to create better corporate citizens. This responsibility has monumental significance to our communities because as we have seen, the impact of companies is boundless and can affect everything from the environment to banking to healthcare.

In-house lawyers have the power to create better corporate citizens through:

  • The legal enforcement of existing, socially-responsible legislation
  • Advocating for the adoption of ethical business practices that are above and beyond the law within their respective companies
  • Disseminating information on lessons learned from successful CSR initiatives across the in-house legal community

In-house lawyers have the responsibility to create better corporate citizens because:

  • From an ethical standpoint, lawyers have sworn to bring justice to their communities
  • From a professional standpoint, lawyers have pledged to be guardians of the law
  • From a substantive standpoint, in-house lawyers have decision making power over which external vendors their company employs and can therefore set ethical conditions of employment

We at AAEC recognize that in-house legal departments have become increasingly important in the legal industry and understand that that trend will continue for the years to come. As a result, the in-house community has more and more prominence and responsibility to guard and protect the law in the business world. We also understand that in order for the in-house community to successfully advance their interests and those of society at large, it must be united, organized and connected group. It is here that AAEC hopes to provide value by equipping the Central American in-house legal community with the platform and tools necessary to become the force for change that it is destined to become.


AAEC Value Integrity


We want to be an organization that everyone can be proud to be a part of. Because of this, we pledge to hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards and to always do what’s right, not what’s easiest.

AAEC Value Uniting


We believe that all great achievements come from a place of trust and harmony and we vow to promote inclusivity in everything we do.

AAEC Value Understanding


Understanding is the key to communication and communication is the key to success in all things. We promise to advance understanding across our members and between our organization and the world.

AAEC Value Knowledge


Actively seeking knowledge allows us to expand our horizons and become better professionals and human beings. We are dedicated to facilitating knowledge sharing across our members so that together, we can achieve greatness.

AAEC Value Community


We truly believe we are stronger together and will make every effort to construct an integrated, connected, and thriving community for our members.

AAEC Value Best Practice

Best Practice

We are committed to always going the extra mile to seek out and apply our industry’s best practices so that our individual members and our organization as a whole can achieve success.