About aaec

The “Asociación de Abogados de Empresa para Centroamérica” (AAEC) is the founding organization for in-house lawyers related to Central America. Our members are based in 13 countries across the Americas and represent companies in every major industry.

AAEC is more than just a networking organization, we support a legal profession of in-house counsel guided by ethics. We value integrity and the principles of a just society above all else. Our fundamental belief is that in-house lawyers have the power and responsibility to create better corporate citizens.

We understand that, in order for the Central American in-house community to successfully advance their interests and those of society at large, it must be a united, organized and connected group. That is why it is our mission to provide our members with the platform and tools necessary to create a fairer and more equitable Central America, one client at a time.

Better companies, better countries


We have the vision, you have the power!

We have a vision of what we want this organization to be but we need your help to make it a reality. We are actively seeking the involvement of in-house lawyers to help inform the structure and future of the organization. Your involvement is incredibly important to the success of this project and we appreciate any and all input.

If you are a lawyer that is currently employed on a full-time basis by a private or public company or institution, with a valid license to practice and with professional responsibilities including the Central American region and you want to be a part of AAEC, please sign up here.